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The Somerset County Builders Association has been going against trend and making a great effort at increasing our membership base. Many local associations in the Pennsylvania Builders Association have shown declining membership in the past years.   If we do our part, we can help to reverse the trend statewide and strengthen our local’s position in the industry in Pennsylvania.

We are also part of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). The NHAB does the “heavy lifting” in building research for safer and more energy efficient homes. This information is passed along to our members as only one of the many benefits of our organization. NAHB & PBA both work very hard to look out for the best interest of the consumer as well as discussing onerous and excessive Governmental Regulations that tend to drive up the cost of housing and remodeling for our clients.

The SCBA is involved in the Scholarship Trust Fund.  This is an endowment trust for continuing education offered to area youths who are enrolled in the building industry field.

The SCBA is a sponsor of the National Association Home Builders Student Chapter at the Somerset County Technological Center.  This program provides high school students with an opportunity to learn new skills, leadership opportunity and connect with industry business.

The Somerset County Builders Association in partnership with the Somerset County Chamber of Commerce continues to sponsor a Home Show.  The show will feature retail businesses, service providers and construction vendors.

Hire a professional builder who is a member of the Somerset County Builders Association.  For additional information, contact one of the members or use our contact page

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